Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We Threw My Sister Her Bridal Shower!

Consider yourself warned! :) This is a photo-heavy post! 

This weekend was my sister's bridal shower. It's been so fun to plan these past few months, but it was even more fun to finally have it. I think everything came together perfectly! The shower was held in a local coffee house. The theme: a coffee and dessert bar. The desserts were awesome, the coffee & location were perfect and my sister received some amazing gifts to start off her marriage.

I thought I'd share a bit of my prep work and then some photos from the shower itself ...

 photo showerblogDSC_1927_zps1910baaa.jpg

 photo showerblogDSC_1917_zps20c6ded3.jpg

 photo showerblogDSC_1914_zps3402866c.jpg

 photo showerblogDSC_1909_zps5e2df237.jpg

 photo showerblogDSC_1907_zps44f695b6.jpg

 photo showerblogDSC_1930_zpscbe11820.jpg

 photo blogshowerDSC_1920_zpse9888cfc.jpg

 photo showerblogDSC_1904_zps97293f04.jpg

 photo blogshowerImage3_zps8f6f48f2.jpg photo blogsarahsshowerDSC_2035_zpsbcd6e0d2.jpg

 photo blogtychsarahsshowerDSC_1990_zps597c020e.jpg

 photo blogsarahsshowerDSC_1991_zpsd9361053.jpg

 photo blogsarahsshowerDSC_1992_zps47ce79e6.jpg

 photo blogshowerImage6_zps70a2c0ee.jpg

 photo blogtychsarahsshowerDSC_1979_zps64692d3c.jpg

 photo blogsarahsshowerDSC_2069_zpsb61154cd.jpg

 photo blogshowerImage2_zps2cac4cf8.jpg

 photo blogshowerImage10_zps9b986a00.jpg

 photo blogshowerImage1_zps76b79678.jpg

 photo blogshowerImage9_zpsf1c506e5.jpg

 photo blogtriptychsarahsshowerDSC_2090_zpsd1c1d54a.jpg

This last photo is courtesy of Geri at Bellavie Photography, a very talented photographer and friend.  You can find her Facebook page here. Thank you Geri, for this beautiful photo of my sister and I. 

 photo 406288_10151481091105867_187552730_n_zps5ec9125d.jpg

Happy WW! 


Live and Love...Out LoudThe Paper Mama


  1. I love the4 glasses of fruit, the colours are so vibrant


  2. How fun!! Love the "if you instagram" chalkboard! Looks like a beautiful party!

  3. YAY!!! Tish this is beautiful!!!! I am drooling over the food - looks like a joyful day.

  4. Oh that looks like so much fun!!

  5. Wow! My daughter's getting married soon - wanna help? LOL! Beautiful job!!

  6. So many great details! I also love the Instagram hashtag reminder - it looks like a wonderful event.

  7. You are definately, the hostess with the mostess♥♥ Just a gorgeous job on this shower...so glad you could capture it on film! The image of you are your sister should be a framer!


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