Friday, February 8, 2013

The Simple Beauty of White

This week's prompt for the Nurture Photography Winter Challenge is White|Minimalism. I wondered, "How is white defined?" According to Wikipedia, "White contains all the wavelengths of visible light without absorption, has maximum brightness, and does not have any hue." It's truly minimal by its very definition. It further states that "according to surveys, white is most associated with innocence, perfection, the good, honesty, cleanliness, the beginning, the new, neutrality, lightness and exactitude." 
 photo snowdaytreeDSC_0573_zps1253bcd5.jpg

As much as I might dislike winter, there is something wondrous and magical when your part of the world is softly blanketed in white. 

 photo snowdaywoodDSC_1425_zps495c1129.jpg

It's pure and clean. It is bright. Did you ever notice how much brighter the night is after a snowfall? Almost, glowing. 

 photo snowydaypineDSC_1364_zps2aefcf67.jpg

The snow seems to absorb sound and make the world quieter, peaceful.

 photo snowydayDSC_0574_zpsa072f171.jpg

I chose a mix of some photos I took a couple week's ago in the midst of a snowfall and a few new ones from this past week's latest storm. 

 photo snowydayDSC_0571withtop_zpsc31d3b14.jpg

And I as write this, much of the northeast is bracing for the latest storm, a Nor'easter that imminent. 

 photo snowydayDSC_0569withtop_zps75b601e8.jpg

Despite the beauty that does accompany a snowfall, I am just about depleted of any joy I might have found in snow early on in the season. The thought of 4-8 inches of snow coming our way this afternoon does not excite me. I am counting my blessings though. It could be worse. Areas north of us are likely to experience a crippling snowfall. 

 photo snowydayDSC_0558withtop_zps325a2873.jpg

So, I am thankful. And as hard as this season is on me ... I am going to focus on the good; focus on the positive. After all, it is February, it's a short month and there are 39 days 'til spring. 

 photo happinesswhiteDSC_0515_zps5f462a59.jpg

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Be Happy & Enjoy Your Weekend,


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  1. Beautiful shots! I am so excited to trek out and take pictures of our massive snow amounts!

  2. White has never looked so good! Nice job.

  3. oh I really enjoyed your shots this week!

  4. The top image is truly outstanding... I love how it blends into your theme so it is not clear where the theme ends and photograph begins


  5. gorgeous photos-I love that first one-it's very intriguing!

  6. Lovely photos! Just gorgeous. Now if I could get this storm Nemo to stop giving me migraines.

  7. These are amazing photos!! I love your blog
    New follower :)


  8. Lovely captures of your wintery world. Visiting from Favorite Photo Friday. Beautiful blog. :)

  9. Hi Tish, You asked about what lens I used. I used the Canon 85 1.8 for all of these :)

  10. These are lovely...capturing a feeling as well as the beauty!

  11. I cherish your beautiful and serene pictures, and your description of 'White' . I hope you're keeping safe and well in the storm!

  12. It's snowing here too. Beautiful photos!!

  13. we haven't had any winter this year, oh how i miss it. i would love to get a winter storm our way... but until then i will enjoy your shots, they are all lovely.

  14. These are gorgeous, Tish! The first and fourth are my favorites.

    Thank you for joining us in the Nurture Photography Challenge! We'll be moving on to a new prompt on Friday: Silver/Treasure.

  15. Loving your interpretation of white. These are breathtaking. I know it's cold, but the snow is a beautiful backdrop. Your photography just keeps getting better and better. What camera are you using now? And totally off topic, love the new blog template. Did you buy this or custom make it? I have been considering a revamp...

  16. P.S. Way to focus on the positive... I know these last weeks of winter can be brutal up north. Hang in there!


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