Friday, September 30, 2011

Project 64: Bittersweet.

This week's color pick is Bittersweet. It aptly describes my
feelings for Autumn. I have a difficult time saying goodbye
to the carefree days of summer. Its my favorite time of the year. 
To me, everything about it screams freedom. The girls are 
out of school, we are without much of a schedule to adhere to,
we can just run out the need to think about a coat, 
hats, mittens, boots or scarves.  Nature is so plush and colorful.
I love it and I miss it so much already.

However, there truly is something special about Autumn. Though it's hard
to see summer come to an end, the slight chill in the air, the thought of 
all things apple and the now changing colors on the trees elicit a 
certain "feeling". I love a fall hike with "that" smell of fallen leaves, 
pumpkins by my door, mums blooming, corn mazes, soups and cider.

I only wish we could fast forward straight through winter and move on to spring. 
But alas, that will not happen. At least not here in PA. 
Oh well, I plan on enjoying fall as long as it lasts and will then start 
my countdown 'til spring. :D  

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Project 64: Sepia.

I found my color match for sepia this week at 
the barn. We go once a week for my daughter's 
horse riding lesson. 

As she was tacking up her horse, I took 
a stroll around and found two matches
for sepia, this week's color for Project 64. 

As I didn't have my camera with me, I resorted 
to using my Iphone. I was quite pleased with the 
results and very little editing was required.   

   The photo below is my favorite of the two and the 
one I am linking up at Project 64 this week. 
It leans against the side of the barn. I think its 
unique shape and the various shades of rust
really make it a lovely piece.

Follow the link to find more great linkups for Sepia! 

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Saturday, September 17, 2011


This morning, a friend and I  made an early morning trip to the local 
Grower's Market. It was the perfect fall morning. The sun was shining,
yet there was a crispness to the air. Even some fallen leaves
were scattered about the parking lot. 

Besides the cider and unbelievable ciabatta bread I 
purchased, I also got fresh veggies for homemade salsa.
It's a summertime favorite around our house, so before the market
is finished for the season, I figured I'd take full advantage of this 
unusually free Saturday to make fresh salsa. 

I start by cleaning and dicing green peppers. 

Next, I dice up a purple onion or two. 

Then, I chop up about five cloves of garlic and add that to the 
peppers and onions. 

I add the tomatoes next ... but got so excited about the end 
result, I forgot to snap a photo of those red beauties. 

After the tomatoes ... I chop up a jalapeno and throw in some fresh 
lemon juice and some salt. (We are not fans of cilantro, so that is
an ingredient I happily leave out.)

It is wise to wait 3-4 hours for the flavors to blend, though in 
our house that seems like an eternity and we can't seem to hold out. 

The end result ... a gorgeous blend of color and flavor!! 

I made a huge serving bowl full of salsa and half a day later, 
it's half gone. :D 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Project 64: Blue Violet

I had a really difficult time finding a color match this week. 
I still don't know how well I did, but i think there is a bit of 
blue violet radiating down from the first sun flare. 
Follow the link below and see the fantastic entries 
this week for blue violet. 

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Alphabet Photography: BREEN

A friend of mine contacted me 
this summer. She wanted to surprise 
her husband with a custom alphabet
photo for his birthday. 

We set a date and I met her at their home. 
She had some fabulous ideas for the photos.
All the items were really personal 
and held special meaning
to her husband and their family. 

The backbone to the letter B was the headliner in 
 the newspaper when his team won the 
championship in 1989. The baseballs - he and 
his son practice with these together everyday.

Outside their previous home, all three of their 
children wrote their names in cement. They dug 
them up and brought them with them during 
their recent move. The letter R is 
the second letter in their son's name,
the oldest child in their family. 

The E below is just part of an antler from
the biggest buck her husband has ever shot.

The next E was her husband's Little League 
Glove, complete with handwritten name.

As for the N ... it was made up of all three of their
children's baseball bats. The sport is a significant 
part of his life, as he has played on both high
 school and college teams. His love of the sport 
has trickled down to his children and he now 
coaches their teams. 

And finally ... the finished product!! 

Click on photo to see it enlarged.

I was thrilled to hear how surprised and pleased
he was with this! It now hangs as a centerpiece on 
their living room wall and really catches your eye 
when you walk into the room. 

Thank you "K" for asking me to be part of such
a wonderful, thoughtful gift. I am both honored
and humbled to have my photos hanging on your walls. 
I am looking forward to working on more projects
together. :D 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Midwestern Sky: Project 64 Linkup for Melon

The skies were breathtaking as we passed through Ohio into Indiana. 
We were traveling to Chicago for a family member's wedding. 
This photo is straight-out-of-camera and taken literally just a few minutes 
before a huge storm rolled through. The weather service put out a warning
for deadly cloud-to-ground lightening and "hen egg-size" hail! We pulled our car over
at a rest area and decided to wait out the storm. The lightening was truly 
cloud-to-ground, but we didn't quite see hail the size of hen eggs, only about
 quarter-sized. The storm passed relatively quickly and we were able to 
continue our journey through the midwest.  


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