Friday, March 1, 2013

Nuture Photography Winter Finale

I've enjoyed participating in the Nurture Photography Winter Challenge with Kristi and Rebecca over the last four weeks. I've practiced a few new techniques over this time including working with shadows and using low light to add an element of drama to my pictures. I've also used negative space to narrow the focal point and define the subject of my photos. This challenge has gotten me up and out of the house during these cold winter months. It is now March 1st and I am hoping Spring is soon on its way. It's been a long, cold winter and I am more than ready to see some color and warmer temperatures. 

Here is a recap of some of my favorites over the last four weeks' challenge:

 photo morganbycomputerlightDSC_0990withtop_zps6b375a91.jpg

 photo catshadowsDSC_0935withtop_zpsd1bab3af.jpg

White | Minimalism

 photo snowydayDSC_0573withtop_zps906bba15.jpg

 photo snowydayDSC_0574_zps0e8f6d58.jpg

Silver | Treasure

 photo xoxo_zpsf0f8d249.png

Blue | Breathe

 photo BlueskyDSC_1894_zpsed304851.jpg

 photo thebirdsDSC_9899_zps1b6acea8.jpg

The challenge has been fun. I've learned a lot from both Kristi and Rebecca through their many tips and tutorials throughout this challenge. As well, it has helped to make these long winter days pass by a little bit faster. Thank you Kristi and Rebecca for all your hard work and time you put forth for these challenges. They are always a great way for me to push my photography skills a little bit farther.

it's Friday! enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Beautiful Tish! I especially love your black and whites. Nice work!!

  2. These photos are all so fantastic! The B&W photos are my favorite!

  3. All so lovely. Love the shot of the girls:)


  4. These are so beautiful. I especially love the one of cat.

  5. I still love your kitty and the clouds the most, both of those leave me wanting more :)

  6. So so Beautiful! :)

    Many Blessings to you....


  7. These are wonderful! It really has been a great way to make the winter more cheerful.


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