Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy to See Some Blue

This week has proven to be another crazy week weather-wise. We did have some snow earlier in the week and are expecting another small storm tonight. (Will it ever end?) 

Thankfully, we did have a beautiful sunny day yesterday. The sky was an absolutely gorgeous blue and the sun was shining brightly through our windows. I actually took some time and just relaxed in its warmth. 

 photo BlueskyDSC_1897_zps896f1cba.jpg

Our beautiful view from the front porch. 

 photo BlueskyDSC_1894_zpsed304851.jpg

 photo BlueskywithtreeDSC_1896_zps47028b99.jpg

These last two photos are from behind our home. 

 photo BlueskyDSC_1889_zpsaa3c5036.jpg

And as you can see, it doesn't seem to take long for the clouds to move in. 

 photo thebirdsDSC_9899_zps1b6acea8.jpg

My hope is that, since we are nearing February's end, we will see more blue skies and sunshine in March.


In case you missed Wednesday's post, I made my first ever Storyboard Collage template. Just click on the image below to snag the FREE download. You can also visit my post here to see how I used it and for a tutorial on how to load your images using Clipping Masks.

Rounded Corners 7-photo template photo collageattempt_zps3cc831a5.jpg

I'm happy it's Friday! 


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  1. that sky is beautiful . I'm sad that I don't get to enjoy it from my windowless office throughout the day.
    I'm glad it's friday tooo !

  2. We have not seen very many blue skies in these parts either. We haven't had significant snow, just every few days a dusting and gray skies in between. :/ Beautiful shots. Glad I stopped in and thanks for the storyboard!

  3. These are beautiful, Tish! There is something so stark, and yet beautiful about bare branches. These are lovely. Now, to tackle the tutorial on clipping masks that I can't seem to grasp! :)

  4. Oh, I love these! That blue sky is gorgeous! I'm so glad you enjoyed some sunshine. I hope you see a lot more of it soon ;)

  5. Lovely! I still need to do my blue prompt.

  6. Gorgeous blue skies!!! We had skies like that the other weekend. Boy do those blue skies lift my spirits. :)

    Thanks for joining us again in the Nurture Photography Challenge. It's always a pleasure to see your little piece of our world.

  7. we dont' seem to have those gorgeous beautiful blue skies around here too often! too much grey!

  8. lovely once again... i miss huge puffy clouds like the ones you captured.


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