Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Engineer Print Artwork | DIY

A few months ago, we were planning my sister's engagement party. I had taken their engagement photos and was looking for a special way to display them at the party. After some thought, I picked four of my favorites to make into large pieces of art. I found this to be a relatively inexpensive way to have some statement pieces to celebrate the two of them. 

 photo SuppliesneededEngineerprintsDSC_3442_zps7f0490a5.jpg

Before getting started, I put four of my favorite photos on a thumb drive and took them into Staples. I had them print them in their largest size of Engineer prints, 36" x 48". (Engineer prints only come in B&W). I think I paid an average of $8.00/print. The quality was exceptional.

Let me start by saying I had help with this project and need to give credit first, to my uncle who graciously volunteered to go to Lowes and later delivered two pieces of the foam insulation board to me. Second, my husband, who worked right with me, helping me through every step of this project.

Ok, so after I had the foam board, I measured out 36" x 48" and cut the board to those measurements. We started by using a utility knife but then moved on to a carpet cutting knife. The blade was bigger and slid through the board easier. Be sure to use a sharp blade in order to get clean lines. 

 photo EngineerprintsDSC_3438_zps445855d6.jpg

Next, I sanded all the edges smooth with a foam sandpaper block and then painted the edges with black paint to give it a finished look. I let each board dry completely before proceeding to the next step. 

 photo EngineerprintsDSC_3432_zps3c806e40.jpg

I don't have any photos of what came next -  we didn't have any free hands to document.  However, using the spray adhesive, we sprayed small sections of the board at a time. We carefully laid the print over the adhesive, making sure it was flat with no air bubbles. He would spray, then I would gently lay the next part of the print and smooth it out carefully. 

And here are the results:

 photo EngineerprintsDSC_6079_zpsb8d44194.jpg

Honestly, the process was a little more difficult than I would have guessed. I am thankful for my husband's help. I'm pretty certain they wouldn't have turned out near as nice without him. 

 photo EngineerprintsDSC_6077_zps1f54cf9a.jpg

Aren't these photos so fun? I'm pretty sure Z&S were pleased with them. I plan to use a couple of them at her shower later this month. 

 photo EngineerprintDSC_6078_zpsb7079c47.jpg

Did I mention how cute these two were? 

 photo EngineerprintDSC_6084_zpsed73dc35.jpg

It was a great project, I felt good when it was completed. We did spread it out over a couple days and it really wasn't that difficult. As well, after doing the first one, the next three seemed much easier.  

 photo EngineerprintsDSC_6097_zps2b07160e.jpg
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This project would be perfect for anywhere you have blank wall space. What? You don't have wall space for 36" x 48", Staples offers smaller sizes as well. So, now you don't have any excuse to give this a shot! 

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  1. I've seen this and have been wanting to try it. And it does seem these DIYs are never as easy as you'd think, ha! They turned out beautiful. I'm anxious to see how the color lasts... Did you take the photos as well?

  2. Lish...seriously?! These rock...can you so a few for me LOL☺ Your sister should be extremely excited about what you did for her...just amazing.

  3. I absolutely LOVE that you showed the steps. I have had this on my to-do list for forever but never really knew what would be involved. THANK YOU!!!

  4. Absolutely AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing how you did this. A great idea for weddings and showers.

  5. so helpful! thank you so much for sharing! also, just wondering, what would you use to hang them after?


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