Saturday, April 21, 2012

White Beauty


This week was like a blur, running from one thing to the next every day. So, today I am incredibly thankful for a quiet day at home. I've spent some more time in Photoshop today, playing with textures, adding layer masks and text. I am quite pleased how this one turned out. I applied Kim Klassen's Aurora texture at 61% opacity, applied a layer mask and brushed over the flowers at 100%. Next, I added a second layer of the Aurora texture but at 43% opacity this time. I added another layer mask and brushed over the flowers at 40% and applied the Hardlight filter. Last, I added the layer with the beautiful verse by John Keats.

Have a lovely weekend! 
-tish xoxo


  1. This is gorgeous. I need to play with texture more often. I never use them and it's been on my list for a very long time...

    Love that quote too. Beautiful!

  2. This is beautiful, both words and image! I love the soothing tones.

  3. Very pretty! What a great use of texture and quote.

    BTW, I wish that I had tomatoes already. The shot in question was a very ripe orange tree. :-)

  4. Gorgeous texture application and spring capture!!

  5. Wow! You really make your photos a complete work of art! This is so beautiful. I love the quote too.

    (Thanks for your comment on my blog! :))

  6. This is beautiful! Great use of the texture. Your blog is lovely, Tish!


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