Thursday, April 19, 2012

Project 64: Out of the Box ... is Coming to an End

Sixty-four weeks of colors! I started this project in January of 2011 and here we are in April of 2012. When I started this project, I had just received my D7000 as a gift from my husband for Christmas. I jumped online, scouring the internet for any information I could find about photography and that's when I stumbled across Project 64 and so many other amazing photographers and their blogs. I am so thankful for this project and for all the lovely ladies who share their knowledge of photography. I certainly have not arrived, but as I look back at my photos, I realize just how far I've come! I started out only shooting in auto, now I love the control that I have in manual.  

Anyway, I could go on about all that I've learned, but let's get down to colors ... the last four. I want to thank Brooke Martin for hanging in there for us and seeing it through to the end.  I know this has been a lot of work for her, especially of late as she prepares for the new addition to her family. :-)

Peach. This was the most difficult find for me. These roses are not a dark peach, but seemed to have some peach coloring to them.Photobucket
Granny Smith Apple. I thought these buds were a beautiful color match. Have I told you how happy I am that Spring has finally come? (wink, wink). 
Violet. I just couldn't wait another moment to add some color to my patio. So this week, I planted these beautiful petunias and placed them on my patio tables. Their deep, rich color catch my eye each time I pass by the windows. 
Mauvelous. This was the easiest match of them all.  The dogwood tree we planted in our front yard began to bloom just in time!  
I've really gained so much through this challenge including some new friends. Thanks ladies for all your encouragement and sweet comments along the way. I hope we continue to meet up through other challenges! 

-tish xoxo

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  1. I love your mauvelous photo. You really rocked that one out of this last bunch! I'm sad to see Project 64 go, I've had so much fun doing it.

  2. I am very sad about it ending. It was a great challenge. Your mauvelous is beautiful. Thank you for stopping by Sanukipity Photography and leaving the kind words.


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