Friday, September 30, 2011

Project 64: Bittersweet.

This week's color pick is Bittersweet. It aptly describes my
feelings for Autumn. I have a difficult time saying goodbye
to the carefree days of summer. Its my favorite time of the year. 
To me, everything about it screams freedom. The girls are 
out of school, we are without much of a schedule to adhere to,
we can just run out the need to think about a coat, 
hats, mittens, boots or scarves.  Nature is so plush and colorful.
I love it and I miss it so much already.

However, there truly is something special about Autumn. Though it's hard
to see summer come to an end, the slight chill in the air, the thought of 
all things apple and the now changing colors on the trees elicit a 
certain "feeling". I love a fall hike with "that" smell of fallen leaves, 
pumpkins by my door, mums blooming, corn mazes, soups and cider.

I only wish we could fast forward straight through winter and move on to spring. 
But alas, that will not happen. At least not here in PA. 
Oh well, I plan on enjoying fall as long as it lasts and will then start 
my countdown 'til spring. :D  

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  1. Beautiful photo. I love autumn for all the reasons you mentioned and high school football under the lights. The leaves aren't turning here yet, I can't wait.

  2. Beautiful color in these leaves, and lovely focus in this one. I'm in total agreement about fall and the oncoming winter. If you'd like some info about canning salsa, just let me know. It's really easy! It doesn't take a ton of equipment either.


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