Monday, September 5, 2011

Midwestern Sky: Project 64 Linkup for Melon

The skies were breathtaking as we passed through Ohio into Indiana. 
We were traveling to Chicago for a family member's wedding. 
This photo is straight-out-of-camera and taken literally just a few minutes 
before a huge storm rolled through. The weather service put out a warning
for deadly cloud-to-ground lightening and "hen egg-size" hail! We pulled our car over
at a rest area and decided to wait out the storm. The lightening was truly 
cloud-to-ground, but we didn't quite see hail the size of hen eggs, only about
 quarter-sized. The storm passed relatively quickly and we were able to 
continue our journey through the midwest.  


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  1. Beautiful shot! I love the lines and expansiveness of the shot. Great color match and wonderful SOOC shot. Thank you for sharing!

  2. beautiful capture. I miss those midwest storms (sometimes ;-D )

  3. Very nice panoramic shot. I also love how you captured the serenity of the place.


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