Sunday, September 11, 2011

Alphabet Photography: BREEN

A friend of mine contacted me 
this summer. She wanted to surprise 
her husband with a custom alphabet
photo for his birthday. 

We set a date and I met her at their home. 
She had some fabulous ideas for the photos.
All the items were really personal 
and held special meaning
to her husband and their family. 

The backbone to the letter B was the headliner in 
 the newspaper when his team won the 
championship in 1989. The baseballs - he and 
his son practice with these together everyday.

Outside their previous home, all three of their 
children wrote their names in cement. They dug 
them up and brought them with them during 
their recent move. The letter R is 
the second letter in their son's name,
the oldest child in their family. 

The E below is just part of an antler from
the biggest buck her husband has ever shot.

The next E was her husband's Little League 
Glove, complete with handwritten name.

As for the N ... it was made up of all three of their
children's baseball bats. The sport is a significant 
part of his life, as he has played on both high
 school and college teams. His love of the sport 
has trickled down to his children and he now 
coaches their teams. 

And finally ... the finished product!! 

Click on photo to see it enlarged.

I was thrilled to hear how surprised and pleased
he was with this! It now hangs as a centerpiece on 
their living room wall and really catches your eye 
when you walk into the room. 

Thank you "K" for asking me to be part of such
a wonderful, thoughtful gift. I am both honored
and humbled to have my photos hanging on your walls. 
I am looking forward to working on more projects
together. :D 

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  1. What a wonderful idea! I love that she used personal items to make it that much more special! Great photos!


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