Monday, May 16, 2011

Child's Play: Cerulean.

 Participating in Project 64 has been so eye-opening for me. 
Searching for a new color each week has afforded me the 
opportunity to become much more aware of not only colors 
around me but also detail and textures. 
So ... as I was waiting in the car line to pick my girls up from school, 
I couldn't help but notice the playground contained 
cerulean-colored equipment! Perfect-o! 
My daughter and one of her best buds enjoyed a beautiful afternoon 
at the playground while I got in some practice time and found my
 Cerulean match for the week. Thanks girls! :D 

It was supposed to rain all day, so the sun and playground time was a bonus! 
I'll work on getting a few more shots up soon. 

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  1. Very cool and creative shot! Plus its a great match! Thanks for linking up with Project 64!

  2. Such a creative angle! I love your picture!

  3. Coool, very nice perspective shot.

  4. great photo, I love the circular frame and sweet faces

  5. Oh my goodness, what a fun shot! I may have to steal this perspective for a similar shot of my son at our playground! Thank you for stopping by WyTography...glad I could make you chuckle. My Wyatt has a real knack for finding really gross things...and then wanting me to hold them for him. Ah, the joys of having a little boy!

  6. Love pictures on the playground. Great match!

  7. What a cleaver shot! Thanks for joining us at P64. Shana

  8. Thank you so much all of you for visiting and all your wonderful comments!


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