Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WW: San Francisco, Birthday Trip, Part I

Birthday in San Fran collage

San Fran trolleyDSC_3217

addi in san fran DSC_3119

san fran collage 3
golden gate san franciscoDSC_2947

slow shutter san  franDSC_2954

painted ladiesDSC_3490

moe in san fran DSC_3117

san fran collage 2

san fran DSC_3363
blurry wharfDSC_3399

san fran in sandDSC_3393

heart in sandDSC_3379

san fran heartDSC_3488

Happy WW!


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  1. The traffic in motion shot on the bridge is awesome. I also enjoyed the "Push for Help" button. I never knew they would even have such a thing !

  2. Thanks Sissy! I was excited to play around with slow shutter speeds! I don't often get the opportunity, so what better place to practice than the Golden Gate Bridge!! :) I never knew about the button either, unfortunately, they must have a large amount of jumpers.

  3. You have a beautiful family and your trip looks amazing. Can't wait to see more- breaking it up into different posts is a good idea. I've yet to capture the Golden Gate Bridge... I may have to add it to the bucket list. ;)

  4. Kimberly CunninghamApril 12, 2013 at 7:10 AM

    What a fabulous trip! Looks like there is so much to enjoy. I would be in heaven with the Blowout bar! When we lived overseas I got blowouts 3x per week for about $5 a pop. I miss that! :)

  5. Thank you Alicia! I'm so glad we had the opportunity to go and take our girls! We just love to travel with them, though now that we have a high schooler, it's more difficult to get away during the school year. You absolutely have to add it to your list and while you're there, you need to drive the Pacific Coast Highway. We still can't get over the unbelievable beauty!

  6. There was so much and we tried to cram as much into our days as we possibly could! We rose early and retired late each night. It was fabulous ... we're still talking about it! How awesome to be able to get blowouts 3x/week?!! And at $5, what a steal!!! I'd be there too!! You must have felt like a star! hahaha Ours blowouts weren't near as cheap!!

  7. Lovely photos! Fabulous trip, so jealous.


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