Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pacific Coast Highway, Birthday Trip, Part II

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(photo credit: my daughter addison - taken on her Ipad Mini.)

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(photo credit: my daughter addison - taken on her Ipad Mini.)

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(All collage templates from Birddesign. Almost every photo taken is SOOC. 
Yes, the colors were just that vibrant!)

For the second leg of our trip, we traveled down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to L.A. I can't even put into words how amazing this trip was. The mountains, cliffs, ocean - all of it was breathtaking. Believe me when I say, we stopped every couple miles for quite some time to just get out, breathe the Pacific air, take in the views and of course, take photos. If this isn't on your bucket list, it needs to be. My husband and I are already planning another trip, but the next time, we will take at least three days to drive it. There is just so much to see along the way. 

We stopped in Big Sur, which is the area where Bixby Bridge is. During one stop, we saw some whales feeding! I caught the tail of one as it rose up out of the water. I still get incredibly excited when I think of it. That's something we never even expected to see. 

Down the road we stopped at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. We hiked along a trail and saw many Redwoods. They truly were incredible in size. 

The Elephant seals in San Simeon were just plain fun to watch. We could have stood there for hours watching and listening to them. We spent the night at Moonstone Beach, just a skip away from San Simeon, where the beach was literally covered with moonstones. I wandered down to the beach myself one morning. It was mild out and the fog was still low. All you could hear was the sound of the waves breaking against some rocks and the shore. It was so therapeutic.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have taken this drive. And even more grateful to my husband for all the hours of planning he did. The natural beauty was even more amazing than I could have ever imagined! 

If you ever get out to the west coast, you must make this trip! If you missed the first part of our trip in San Francisco, you can click here to see some of our photos. 

Happy WW! 


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  1. These are all so beautiful! I love the layouts. Those seals are so cute just lolling about.

  2. Thanks Kim! We had such a good time watching those seals!!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I have driven the Pacific Coast from the top of Washington to Long Beach, CA. It is a beautiful coast and

  4. I can only imagine just how amazing that drive must have been! We have talked about starting farther north if we get the opportunity to drive it again!

  5. Looks amazing! I miss the ocean so bad, haven't been in years

  6. Literally my favorite stretch of highway in the world- I love PCH. Oh you captured my home of the beaches of CA so beautifully. So glad you were able to experience it. What a great birthday trip.

  7. oh how beautiful! I have always wanted to do this - but have not been out west in a long long time. My husband and I want to do a wine tour as well!


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