Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wordless Wednesday | The Past Week via Instagram


My photos are not in the order in which they occurred this week, but nonetheless, here is my week via Instagram photos.

1.  I received my second edition of Click magazine ... I was a little excited (ok, a lot excited) and settled down in front of the fire for a good read. 
2.  On the same day, my order from Black River Imaging came - my new iPhone case! It made for quite an exciting mail day!!  The photo was one of my favorites from our Christmas Card photo shoot
3.  This past summer, my husband and discovered that we love cooking together, finding new recipes and trying them out. This night we butterflied chicken breasts, breaded them and browned them in a skillet. We then topped them with a tomato/basil salsa and finished them off with some fresh mozzarella cheese. We popped them in the oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese and cook through. The verdict ... AMAZING!
4.  We finally had a day with sunshine and blue skies! 
5.  We had a few frosty mornings this past week. I captured some frost on our Cleveland Pear. 
6.  We took a road trip this weekend to my daughter's first track meet. It was very foggy and gray. She did really well for her first meet ever, by the way. We were so proud. 
7.  Took a walk to a local park. The snow was still piled up! It's taken a couple weeks to melt, but its pretty much gone as of today - just in time for the snow tonight. Blek! Two-to-three inches are on their way, says the weatherman. 
8.  Woke up Sunday morning and wished all my Insta-Friends a good morning. 
9.  Another frosty pic. On this particular morning, I decided to try out my Olloclip I got for Christmas. I used the macro lens. It's a pretty cool toy!!! 

I hope you are also having a good week!! 
Happy WW!

Live and Love...Out LoudThe Paper Mama


  1. Isn't instagram awesome? What a lovely collection. Enjoying your snow covered berries. Here's to another week as good as this one...

  2. Great captures! Love the frost covered pear. I got my Click magazine, too and LOVE it.

  3. Great photos. I love the iphone case. How fun! I'm glad you enjoyed her first track meet. My son does track (he's kind of a discus star -- set the district record last year). But all we have right now is indoor track. We have a couple feet of snow on the ground. It's pretty tough to do much in that. Outdoor track won't start until about March. Can't wait for spring!

    Thanks for sharing your photos. Stopping by from SITS.

  4. Really great photos! I love the frosty ones.

  5. Nice. Your number 3 photo made my mouth water. Looks fantastic.


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