Friday, January 18, 2013

Invitation Making ...

I announced several months ago that my sister is engaged! Wahoo!! (If you missed it, you can view some of the photos from their engagement session here.)  I'm so looking forward to her wedding and the time is drawing closer with every passing day. We are starting to plan her bridal shower now and I'm so excited about it! I can't give away any specifics yet - since I just mailed the invitations today - but here is a peek before they were fully assembled. 
 photo washitapeinvitepolaroid_zps32a4909e.png

 photo washiinvitePolaroidFrame-16clippingmask_zps3ae7471b.png

 photo washitapeinvitesDSC_1139_zpsd07ea930.jpg

 photo washiinviteframedfirst_zps329c19d1.png

 photo washitapeinvitePolaroidFrame-16clippingmask_zps9a84ac76.png
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I'm not the craftiest person around, but I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. I used Photoshop and some of my favorite fonts to make the invitation itself. I'm a simple girl, I like simple colors and clean lines, so its nothing too fancy.  I did add a piece of Washi tape to each one to give it a little extra pop. 

My oldest daughter has been furiously studying all week for her finals, which she is finishing today. I wasn't even the one studying and I'm glad they are over! ha ha. We are so ready for a relaxing three-day weekend. 

Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. *squeal* I can't tell what they look like but from what I can tell they are amazinggg. yay ! Thank you sissy !

  2. Beautiful! Love the washi tapes.

    Yay for a long weekend! Enjoy ;)

  3. I love washi tapes too!

    Beautiful photos!

  4. You are having way too much fun☺ Have a great evening.


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