Thursday, July 21, 2011

In Search of Macaroni & Cheese.

My husband and I were visiting Boston when 
P64 revealed this week's color
  ... Macaroni & Cheese.
I snapped a few photos, hoping to find 
a good match. 

We came across a small farmer's market 
in downtown Boston. I love markets in the summer. 
So many fresh fruits and veggies as well as 
wonderful breads and other goodies. 
So, we took some time to wander through.

These carrots caught my eye, but the color 
didn't quite match for Macaroni & Cheese.

I continued my search. I found this super cute 
scooter parked on the street, right across from the
Customs House on King's Street, the site of 
the Boston Massacre.

 I thought this was a pretty good match. 

But, I just wasn't sure this was what I was looking for, 
so after we were home, I splashed around with 
some orange soda. And here's what I got...

I took these with a slow shutter speed in
order to show the motion of the liquid. 

This last one is my favorite and my entry for
Macaroni & Cheese.  Head on over to Project 64 
and check out all the other great entries! 

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  1. These photos are fabulous! I love that orange scooter and the perspective you used to capture it!

  2. You captured some great shots....that orange scooter would be so much fun to toodle around on.
    BTW...thanks for stopping by my blog too. :)

  3. Wow, amazing photos. I love the slow motion captures!

  4. Great shots. That scooter is so cute. Your drink shots are wonderful ... love the splashes.


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