Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Black & Whites and Cold Gray Days

Well, the bitter cold is still hanging on, it hasn't let up, not even a little. So remember my last post and how I was trying to focus on the bright side? Yeah, I am having a hard time focusing. The cold and snow seem to be zapping it right out of me. We got eight more inches last week and they are telling us we are in for another 4-8" tonight and all day tomorrow. Ugh, I am so over winter!

Black & White seems to be how how I'm feeling these days. 


(I used my tripod and remote to snap these photos.) 




Yes, I am feeling a bit trapped. I'm anxious for blossoms and warm, fresh air. But, my mom told me to take heart - spring is 35 days away. I know that's when it is marked to start according to the calendar, I just hope Mother Nature remembers that too! 


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  1. It certainly won't be long before we are all talking about the heat. I know with the several feet of snow we had- one slight warm trend (40 degrees) & some rain has pretty much wiped it out. Then more snow. I'm just happy I'm not running the AC in Feb like I would be if I were still in NV.

  2. i can only imagine the heat you must have had in NV, Gina! It probably is a wonderful change. I cannot wait to be talking about the heat! I'm trying to remain hopeful that it will come some day. It seems this winter is never-ending!!

  3. a spirit of simplicityFebruary 17, 2014 at 1:23 PM

    Nice self-portraiture. It has been very cold here as well although we haven't had as much snow as our neighbors


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