Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Look!

As you can see, I am going for a new look! :D  I have always liked the way photographs look against a black background, but truth be told, I was feeling like it was pretty dark and drab for a blog. Maybe its me ... in the throes of winter. We haven't seen the sun much as of late which probably doesn't help matters. Regardless, I needed a change. So, I did a switch-a-roo, from black to white. Its taking me a few days to get everything switched around, but I'm liking the way its looking.


I "discovered" a way to enlarge my photos or really, what I should say is ... an extremely helpful photographer/blogger "friend" tipped me off. Instead of uploading my photos straight to blogger, I am now uploading to Photobucket. There I can size them to fit my blog. Thank you Alicia for all your help this week!!! You can check her out here at Project Alicia. Her site is great, she shares many helpful tutorials and has awesome freebies. As well, her photos are amazing!


You also might have noticed my cute, little social media buttons on the right-hand side of my blog. I really, really wish I could take credit for designing and making them, but I cannot. While I have only scratched the surface of how to utilize layers and photoshop-type tools, I don't have much more than a clue as to what I'm doing. Instead, I went to Etsy and found Moxietonic. Natalie is incredible to work with and so friendly! She has several options for buttons already, but will work with you and customize your order. I sent her my color combo, placed my order and the buttons were ready the next day, attached to an email with a tutorial on how to install them. She is available for questions and responds very quickly. I would certainly recommend Moxietonic if you are looking to customize your blog or newsletter.

While its been a week filled with much blogging frustration, in the end I feel a sense of satisfaction. I've revamped my site, learned a few important tools and tricks of editing and can now size my photos to fit my site.  I do not yet have a photo banner at the top of this new design as I am having difficulty uploading one to fit the entire width of my blog. (More frustration.) Oh well ... it's all part of the journey! 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a great week! January is almost over, then on to February! We're one day closer to spring!

- tish   xoxo


  1. Congrats on the changes. I always want to change things up in the winter too. I think brightening things up can do wonders. Thanks for the shout out. I am always willing to share the little I know! Can't wait to get home to see your new header. My phone is limited. lol. Sitting at gymnastics at the moment. And btw, once you start photoshop it won't take long before you're teaching me. ;) Have a great week!

    1. don't rush home to see my header ... still don't have it up! ugh. i'm stuck. it won't let me upload a banner to fit the width of my site and when i try to do it with a web link, it seems like its working til I look at my site and there's nothing, not one change. i've decided to take a few days off before i try again. :D
      i'm pretty sure i won't be teaching you! the stuff you make, templates, etc are really amazing! how often are you at the gym for gymnastics? it's a fun sport. its exciting when they accomplish a skill they've been working so hard on! thanks for stopping and your encouragement. and thanks again for all your help!

  2. Oh, I thought the title was the header. lol. I like the simplicity. Love the buttons too. Fresh and cheery. Do you know your blog margins? Make sure it isn't too terribly large and you should be able to upload it directly to your header spot (in the layout area) You can search your computer and then select fi to size and make sure to click "instead of title and description". It is really easy in blogger to do the header, so I wonder if there is something else going on. I'm not sure which template you are using, but blogger is currently experiencing growing pains and everything has been a bit wonky. Also, I just learned that when you reply to my comment and vise versa it doesn't go back to the initial commenter. I do hope they fix that. Maybe waiting a few days isn't such a bad idea. Maybe it will fix itself? :) Sorry I can't be of more help. Looking forward to seeing more of your winter photos...


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