Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Project 64: Turquoise.

When I saw this week's color, I knew exactly what I wanted to photograph, the turquoise necklace I found on Pinterest. If you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, you don't know what you are missing. Check it out here.

: It can 
be very addicting! 

One of my very first pins was of this 
turquoise necklace. I loved it immediately!  
After a brief internet search and a few clicks,
the necklace was mine!! 

project64 button

Pinterest is an incredible resource for home decorating, 
wardrobe inspiration, recipes, crafts ... almost anything
you can think of. Its a virtual pinboard to keep your thoughts
and ideas organized and in one place. 

To get started, just go to the site, request an invite
and start pinning away!! You will love it!

You can follow my pins here.

Happy Pinning!! 


  1. Just can't get more turquoise than this! Great find.

  2. Tina - thank you!!
    Lisa - Nope! It's pretty turquoise. ha ha
    Thank you both for stopping by!!

  3. Gorgeous necklace. I have been looking for a beautiful turquoise accessory, I guess now I have a benchmark on what am gonna look for.

  4. Pinning on Pinterst is so much fun...Le Mie Foto has some great re-pin-able items !


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