Thursday, August 25, 2011

Project 64: Catch Up Time

I believe I stumbled across Project 64 around week 9. It has certainly been both a challenge for me to find each color as well as to photograph the color in an interesting way. I'm linking up the photos below to ensure I don't miss any of the 64 colors in the crayon box.  I missed the eight weeks at the start of the project and, as we've been traveling the last couple of weeks, I missed a few more. 
Thanks for the opportunity to catch up!! 

     Yellow Green.

         Carnation Pink.


    Robin Egg Blue.





      Forest Green.

    Cadet Blue.

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  1. LOVE the decadent looking !

  2. Your lavender is my favorite! I just found project 64, and am eager to follow through the rest of the crayon box. Love your photos and your take on NY! Be safe with the hurricane.


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