Friday, August 26, 2011

Ithaca, NY

Ithaca, NY. The town in which my husband asked me to marry him! We hadn't
 made the trip back since that day, so we decided to take the girls and
 revisit this beautiful town.

It rained, actually poured, the entire drive up to NY and we wondered if we were
making a mistake in going. We decided to continue on and I am so glad 
we did. It ended up to be such a lovely day! 

We started out at the Ithaca Farmer's Market. You know how I just love markets!

The produce and flowers were so colorful against an otherwise dreary day. 

We met up with some sweet friends who graciously took us out in their 
boat onto Lake Cayuga for the day. What a wonderful treat!

After docking at a restaurant and eating lunch, we continued up the lake to the
Taughannock falls, the very same falls my husband and I walked 
up the day of our engagement. It was still a bit drizzly on the way to the falls, 
but nothing we couldn't handle. :D

Because of the recent lack of rain, we could walk right down in where the water
normally runs down. The girls had a blast splish-splashing through.

Everything was so plush and beautiful. 

Even found some Green Yellow  ...  this week's color at Project 64! 

project64 button

We climbed back up the path for the rest of the walk to the falls.

I saw this person standing with their umbrella and couldn't resist the photo op! 

About an hour later, we made it to the falls. It was a little sparse due to the lack of rain,
 but even still, it was beautiful. 

I took this shot before we crossed this little bridge on the hike back. 

As we walked, we witnessed a chipmunk wrestling with this poor lizard-type
creature. The girls felt the need to rescue him. He was bleeding when 
we found him, not sure if he ended up making it or not. 

We did a little puddle-jumping and wading before we boarded the boat to head back to town.

And to top the day off ... it stopped raining and the sun even made an appearance. 

It was the perfect day to revisit our engagement location. The girls enjoyed 
it and hopefully it won't be so long 'til we drop in again.


  1. Oh my goodness, I am so pleased to have been here this morning. Your pictures are so lovely & what a romantic thing to have done. I don't want to think about a favourite! Thank you for visiting me.

  2. Oh wow... What a perfect day! This is a wonderful collection of photos. I wish I lived close to Ithaca. I'd definitely be making a road trip.

  3. We're off to Ithaca on Saturday; one of our favorite places to visit. Your photos are gorgeous!


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