Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Clicked It Up a Notch | August 2012

Though my last blog post was loaded with photos from my newborn nephew's photo shoot, I just had to choose this one for the I Clicked it Up a Notch photo challenge this month. Being that this was my very first shot at newborn photography, I am quite pleased with how the shoot went and how the photos came out. 

I was nervous about first of all, shooting indoors. I've tried to mostly shoot in manual mode since I decided to delve into photography, but indoor photography in manual mode can be a bit tricky for me. In addition, this was the first time I lugged all my gear to someone else's home and shot photos inside. I was crossing my fingers for good light and a cooperative newborn. I felt I had prepared myself adequately enough by reading up on newborn photography. I knew a key element is patience. And sure enough, we did have to exercise some patience as he wasn't certain he wanted to sleep for us. But, after a feeding and some cuddling, he drifted off and we got our photos. I am pleased with how these photos came out and hope for the opportunity to work with more newborns in the future.


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  1. sooo adorable!!! good job and congratulations on your first successful new born shoot!

  2. Awww, I love sleepy newborns! Good job!

  3. beautiful, love the contrast and composition.

  4. Very well done. So cute and serene.

  5. I am excited to be doing a newborn shoot in the next week! This is beautiful.

  6. What a great moment you captured here! I had fun finding this picture at the "i clicked it up a notch" august challenge. i'd like to invite you to come share your photography at my weekly photo challenge: It is smaller and I'd love it if it featured some of your photography. This week's theme is family. Please consider joining!

  7. I'll nominate a Christmas newborn for the next set... :D


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