Saturday, March 17, 2012

Project 64: Out of the Box | Tan


Wow! I guess its been 10 days since I've posted anything! It's been a little crazy around here lately. We've been traveling around PA over the last three weekends to the girls' gymnastics competitions. This weekend will be our fourth in a row! This is our last meet of the season, they both will be competing at States. We are excited for both of them, they've worked so hard! But, it will certainly be so nice to have a break from meets for awhile though!

I am pretty excited ... I purchased Photoshop CS5 about a week or two ago. I haven't found too much time to play around with it, but with using Kim Klassen's video tutorialsrecommended by Alicia of Project Alicia, I have learned how to apply texture! I bought this cute little cream and sugar pottery set on a trip I made to Israel to visit my best friend a few years back. I LOVE this set. The creamer, of course, goes in the top and the base is the sugar dish. 

I didn't have much time, as we needed to get on the road, but I thought I'd try adding a little texture to this photo in Photoshop.  I could probably do so much better if I had more time, but it can only get better from here, right?!

Gotta run! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 
And Oh ... Happy St. Patty's Day!! 

-tish xoxo

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  1. What a pretty cream and sugar set! Congrats on the PS purchase, have fun!

  2. love that little set! my israeli pottery (and any pottery, at that) is just my fave. love the texture, have fun with cs5!!


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