Saturday, June 11, 2011

Salmon Scooter.

Well, I didn't think I'd make it for this week's
 color challenge with Project 64. It was 
the girls' last week of school and let me tell you, 
it was a crazy, busy week. 

project64 button

I had all but given up on searching for salmon, when yesterday at a Vespa dealership, my best friend
 pointed out this cute "salmon-colored" scooter! 

All my pictures this week are SOOC 
(straight-out-of-camera) shots,
no time for editing!! 

 My best friend entered a Vespa contest
and unbelievably...she won! 
I photographed her winning picture, so 
naturally I had to be there to take pictures
as she picked it up!              

It was the last day of school, so it was great that 
the girls could all share in the fun! 


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